Help please, distorted crankshaft threads, WR 400

Need advice regarding the threads on the end of the crankshaft, past the woodruff key. When I took the flywheel off, the puller alone didn't work. I had to tap the puller with a hammer. Unfortunately the threads on the end of the crankshaft distorted because the end of the shaft mushroomed a little. What is the best method to clean the threads up? Die or another tool that works better? What size die will I need to clean them up if that's the best way. Thanks for all the help!

Try the Crafsman rethreading kit from Sears. Mine has saved several case threads and bolts so far. It was only $50, and is very useful when working on theese bikes with soft metals. Check the Sears website for specs on the kit to see if they have the size you need.

I had this happen to me once on an old Virago. I fixed the crank by CAREFULLY grinding down the mushroomed portion until the nut is able to be slipped over it. Then I carefully rethreaded the crank with a die. You have to be extremely careful with the die, so you dont end up destroying what good threads are left. The only problem to this might be that you don't have enough threads left for the nut to hold on to. If this is the case , you are looking at a crank half.

The problem with just trying to use a die , is that the crank end is now too big for the die to work, you have to grind down the crank slightly to bring it back to the proper diameter. Good Luck!!


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