The Price of Smiling :)

Last weekend I took my 23 year old nephew trail riding. He is an experienced road rider who has never experienced the joys of of a loose bike. Well anyways, one can't really count on the weather so, of course, it rained prior to the actual ride days. The Uwharrie OHV area in NC is a known for its red death mud. The rain was not too bad, however there were some very slick spots. I actually was rejected 3 times on one hill! A YZ 250 is not the best trail bike for slick conditions. My nephew had a blast and more than once stated that My DRZ 400 gave as well as it took punishment. He said that he had never slept so well on rocks..... in a tent. Additionally he mentioned that navigating steep hills and controlling the bike was far more difficult than it appears in video games. The long and the short is that this 47 year old uncle had a blast. Hopefully I have made another trail rider. The cost of the slightly leaking stator cove is little in comparison. On that note, the aluminum covers do work. They saved the weekend because the leak was minimized and the show went on!

Cool! The sound of a YZ250 makes me miss my RM250.

My nephew has never been offroad. :D

I was a long time street rider and road racer who got into trail riding earlier this year. I had never been on a dirt bike before but now I'm fully hooked on dual sport and trail riding. My '01 drz400e sees everything from street blasts to single track. I never knew what I was missing!

I grew up on a dirtbike... then in college left dirt and got a streetbike. Going really fast on the street filled a void for awhile.... then I got back on a dirtbike and was hooked. So much so that I opted to replace the DRZ with a more dedicated offroad bike. Now I"m not only fat bald and stupid, but fat bald stupid and bruised.

I have a street bike and a dirt bike. I love my street bike took 2 trips to the mountains with my wife on the bike, 800+ miles each trip and stayed in hotels.

But I am with regal here, there is nothing like beating the snot out of your dirt bike in the mud, etc... If I only had 1 it would be a very hard choice to make.

Fantastic, John in NC! It's ALL well worth it when it comes to family!

Fat, thinning, old and fragile, here.

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