Dirt Bagz pics?

Anyone have any close-up shots showing how the Dirt-Bagz rack attaches to the rear subframe on the WR250R/X?

Is anyone using that rack at the same time as a tail rack?

Just trying to figure out if they rule out attaching something else before I order them.



I'll take some close up pics of my brackets tomorrow and post them up for you.

For reference though, the top of the dirtbags brackets mount just next to

the upper pipe mount on the right and use the helmet lock subframe mounting

holes on the left.

The top of the brackets sit below the top of the fender.

The lower mounting holes are the ones used by the passenger footpegs.

You'll need to remove the stock helmet lock and passenger pegs in order

to install.


The darn passenger peg bolts are torgued and loctited like no tomorrow,

at least on my bike. Very easy to strip out the Hex head bolts if you're

not careful.

So can you run the bags along with the passanger pegs?

I don't think so, not without doing some modifications

like longer mounting bolts and spacers in between the

dirtbagz frames and the pegs.

Someone will probably have it figured out by the time I get mine :D

Here are the pics of the dirtbagz mounting points for reference.

Lower right - after looking at this one I don't think the passenger pegs

would ever work due to the bend.


Upper right.


Lower left.


Upper left.


Hope this helps

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