Workout of a little dude...

Well I'm about 5'4'' (5'5'') on a good day, and I desperately need to get stronger. I feel like being kind of weak is most definately holding me back from performing better in harescrambles.

I would like to build muscle and muscular endurance, I don't know how to go about doing this so any tips would be greatly appreciated. Also, is it bad to run in the cold? I always get that raspy, dry, hard-to-breathe feeling in my throat when I run in the cold.

Thanks in advance...:D

Wear a bandana or something around your neck. Pull it all the way up to your chin. I commute on a MTB year round in Colorado and it helps a lot.

I see lots of runners on my route. Not many when it get below 10F but still lots at 20F & 30F. Good clothing in the key to being comfortable in the cold. Headband/ear warmer is a must. light gloves are good too. good wool socks, etc. etc.

Same as I mentioned in the other workout thread going,

It builds strength, power and endurance like nothing else I have seen. Lots of variety, the workouts typically are pretty short and great info on the site with video demos of all the exercises they use.


So I should just do the WoD everyday?

So I should just do the WoD everyday?

That is all you would need to build a fantastic base of strength and endurance. I race MX and try to follow the WoD as closely as I can and I added some stationary bike time to build more of a cardio base. The crossfit is probably all I needed, but I wanted to add more cardio as that was my weakness this spring. By the end of summer my cardio was fine and my hands were more of the limiting factor.

Since the riding season is winding down (in my area, anyway), give the WoD 6-8 weeks and see what you think, then tweak to suit. I think you will be amazed at the progress you make in 6 weeks.


So do you have an olympic weight set or did you sub something for it?

So do you have an olympic weight set or did you sub something for it?

I had an olympic set from before. The set with bar and 300lb of plates was about $300 brand new and it is some of the best money I have spent. It gets used almost daily with crossfit. If you don't want to spend that much, look in your local used stuff / recycler type newpapers. Weight sets are some of the most common fitness equipment that moves through those papers. You could most likely find a set with the concrete filled plastic plates for very little money. You also need a chin up bar, but those can be fastened to joists in the basement or rafters in the garage and don't need to cost a fortune.

Read through the workouts and look for stuff that uses equipment you have. The FAQ also has a section on substituting exercises that is helpful in getting around gaps in your equipment. Just look at the cost of equipment as an alternative to a gym membership. If you do go looking for a gym, make sure they allow olympic lifting, a lot of places don't allow it. Best choice is to look for affiliated gyms on the crossfit site and check those out first. They will allow the workouts you will be doing and will understand what you are doing. Doing a crossfit workout at the typical community type gym results in lots of strange looks and muttering sometimes.


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