Autometer Transmission temp gauge problem.

I got done installing my Autometer Transmission temperature gauge today in my 2001 Dodge Ram. Well, yesterday but was still working on the paint for the pod today so just had it hanging there yesterday although it worked. Then today I put it in the pod and thought all was good. I went riding in it tonight and all was great for the first 5 miles or maybe even 10. About time it got up to temperature I noticed it shot up to 250 degrees which is as far as it can go. Well, a little past 250. At first I thought it had over heated or something although I thought that was odd. I started pulling over to check it. Everything I can see was hooked up just fine. If you hit the gas hard it would go back down to right around 150 where it should be and was before it messed up. If you slam the door it will also go down to around 150. That kind of made me think it was the gauge but if you disconnect the sending unit wire it goes back down to 100 which is the lowest it can go. If it was the gauge would it still do that? If you get on the gas hard it will go back down then it will start going crazy all over the place then back up to as far forward as it can go. Any idea's? Is there anything I could have wired wrong that would cause this? I'm positive it's wired up right just wondering if something could have happened to one of the wires causing this or does it sound like a faulty gauge or faulty sending unit or what? I thought it was odd it worked great for a bit before doing this.

You didnt chaff a wire against a sharp piece of metal and its grounding out did you? Getting on the gas or slamming a door could break the short to ground contact. Thats where I'd be looking first, especially since you had it "hanging" there

Not familiar with thier gauges as to grounded with zero voltage = 100% or if its 0% you could be looking a broken wire/bad connection

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