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My jetting, and air screw adjustments

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The last time I checked, i was at 2200 or so feet... I dont think it's changed since then...:D soo yesterday I was fiddling with my carb in our workshop, trying to get the air screw right... I turned it out all the way, and then turned it in like 2 full turns... this was after adjusting it like 20 times... and it ran great, and the only time the main got rich and made the throttle break up and bog was when I was going up a hill in like 5th gear..

At the top of a hill on a road by my house, that leads to a cemetery, (the road, not my house) i saw like 5 female grouse... which is weird for me cuz i usually dont see them when i ride cuz my bike is loud... i also saw like 10 deer... and chased them. i got within 30 feet of a deer too... it was cool... i should hunt more...

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