KTM Twin Chamber PHASE 4 update

Okay...we have four installs on the KTM WP twin chambers in action, all with very good results. DGS Racing will be doing some installs later this month which should make for another great sounding board and for any additional tips and tricks.

TT User Review - Click Here

We have begun to build up and release a few more kits as parts roll in for those that want to jump in before we finalize our testing and formalize the build.

The install takes time and is fairly complicated, and some follow-up tuning may be required to meet the needs of the rider. At this stage, the do-it-yourself kit is for experienced installers or tuners only, but we're still here to help.

We have two kits for the Twin Chambers ready to go if you're interested. $168 each, $231 with the 215.VM2.K5 fluid. $336 installed.

The preliminary open bath kits are a few days away, (and less money). This includes the 14mm rod forks.

Let me know if you have any questions and we'll continue to report on the progress and testing as the information comes in.

Sorry for the delay.



all i can say is WOW thats a lot of parts, maybe you said before but why does the wp fork have the blow off on the base and mid? but the japs only the mid?

Can I get something cleared up!!??

I asked, and think I got an answer I understood, but now after seeing the bladder, I really think I understand, but someone confirm. The bladder doesn't move like a shock bladder....instead it collapses around the sides, right? This way it can easily seal the compression adjuster etc...


much thanks

I installed one of the kits on an open chamber fork. Right away it was a noticeable change.

The bike will get a full test this weekend. So far so good.

a shock one doesnt move?

a shock one doesnt move?

What !!!!! Are you talking bladder here....

this is what aggie said "The bladder doesn't move like a shock bladder" and i said the shock bladder doesnt move? i was a little confused by the conversation, maybe he means it doesnt deform like a shock one? but they look very similar to me?

ah, maybe an issue of syntax! I was trying to say it does not move in the same fashion as the shock bladder moves. The shock collapses in on itself, towards the cap or how ever it wants to move.....

The fork bladder overall length remains in order for the compression adjuster rod to still seal, but it collapses around the side.....not up! I think that is what i was asking, and where confusion came about.

i get you now-yes we were confusing the terms.

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