Used XRR??

I am currently working on a deal to get a plated XR650R. I was wondering what to look for when buying used. The bike looks pretty clean in the pics but what should I look for when I go an actullay see it? Anything that waers out early on the XRR's its an '02..

rear tires

But really.....

Brake rotors - check for the thinned out swept area compared to the web portion where it connects to the hub, look for a dished step between the swept area and web. These are undersized for this bike.

check oil - high mileage bikes start to get blow-by and dirty the oil within 1-2 hours of an oil change (dark brown from gold) - rings are going

Rev bike and watch exhaust - if it puffs smoke on decel, then you have leaky valve seals and will lose oil on rides

Shock linkage can rub and wear, check near all pivots on the castings

Look for rounded heads of bolts or nuts that show recent motor work or hacked motor work.

Take a white cloth to check the oil with so if there is any metal in the oil it will be more visible. Also smell the oil.

Look for cracks in the frame and check the bottom of case for patched up holes.

the "notorius" problem with the early bikes was the clutch pivot bushing. Look for slop in the action, but it's minor & easily upgraded to the later bushing. Aside from that & the right side footpeg, it's just the typical used shopping things to look for.

Check out PigPens site for the "typical" pig issues click here

Make sure they have the title or certificate of origin. It is VERY common on CL where people finance a bike and don't pay a dime on it only to sell it 2 years later for half price. Don't listen to them if they tell you that they lost it or its not a big deal, IT IS A BIG DEAL! Without a title you will never be able to register your bike to ride on road or in some states even for track. This is one of the number one scams.

REAR WHEEL BEARINGS! I just bought a used one and had no idea they were toast. I found out that the ones in it were aftermarket so that means it went thru at least 2 sets already and the bike is not even beat up looking. Pull the rear wheel side to side, if the bearings are shot use this to talk him down. They are easy to replace.

Look for drop marks and bends, its inevitable that the guy droped the bike at least a couple times. This will crush the front radiators but you have to look behind the plastics for it. Use this to talk him down, radiators are very expensive and can be a leak liability if bent. Check the front bars closely for being uneven, check the levers they will be bent out if its been droped alot. Use this to let him know that you know the bikes been droped a few times.

**Check the chain!!** The stock chain is usually a tell all for the whole bike!! If its well oiled you can usually tell that the bike was well cared for. If there is grease everywhere from where it slings up you know the bike probably was not cleaned alot therefore it may of been neglected in other areas like oil changing. Also you can tell what kind of oil they use on it. If the chain is all white with film for example they probably used the white lightning garbage instead of proper chain oil.

Check the airfilter, if its overly discusting along with other indicators it may not of been well cared for.

Check for oil leaks in the sidecovers and the bottom main case. If it's leaking in the middle this can mean game over for you as you will have to tear apart the tranny/engine to replace. I saw this on a newer YZ450 a guy was selling on CL. He dident realize in the pictures he took the floor underneath the bike had a puddle of oil, when asked he denied that it leaked. When I went to look at the bike oil was everywhere and he still tried to deny it but later admited thats why he was selling it.

The best advice I can give is TAKE YOUR TIME!! Really give everything on the bike a long hard look, a long ride, make sure the bike fully warms up, check for bubbles in the overflow or overheating this could indicate a bad headgasket and thats not a fun job on any motor. Beware of milky looking oil in the sidecover window. When I looked at my bike I was there for a good hour looking it over and riding it. Even then I missed a few small things. I was in for a surprise when I took the side plastics off and realized the radiators where crushed in but not leaking.

Hope this helps, remember 75-80% of people on CL are scammers. In fact most people that are selling stuff online will leave out some of the bad things that cannot be seen right away in order to help their item sell. You would be surpised at how creative and sneaky people can get to off junk. That's why the most common question is "why are you selling it?"; by now the sellers already prepair theirselfs for this question instead of telling the truth. You never hear them say "well, it's a money pit and I want to off it in order to get something decent thats not falling apart" Instead they say "I don't have time for another project" or " I have too many projects/toys" :D

Beware of blown trannys!! This is most common on sport road bikes but still possible on dirt bikes. Make sure you load the gears up hard to make sure it does not jump out or miss going in at high rpm. While doing this you are also checking the clutch.

good writeup porter. Also, you need to get a warm fuzzy feeling from the owner. If you take the time to do what porter said you will get to know owner well. If he is reputable he won't mind and if he has done his own maintenance homework he will even appreciate the attention. 50 year old retired bike mechanic with couple of nicely worked older bike projects inside immaculate and organized garage was who I bought my xrr from. I was glad to give him a few hundred more than I would have given to one of the local tossers.

Oh yeah! Don't forget to ask if the seller has a manual that goes with it. :D

Thanks for all the help... I hope to get it next weekend or maybe the following week...

A bike to go with my X...

Hey if your deal falls through I may be selling my L. You don't really want an R anyway, They are way too much power, plus I need to sell mine because I have one located that I need to buy:thumbsup:

You don't really want an R anyway, They are way too much power


They are for the most serious riders only :D

you need to get a warm fuzzy feeling from the owner. If you take the time to do what porter said you will get to know owner well. If he is reputable he won't mind and if he has done his own maintenance homework he will even appreciate the attention.

You can usually get a good feeling of the owner. My seller even filled the gas tank for me on pick up. Granted it was probably old gas that had been sitting around for years that he needed to find a way to get rid of anyway but still :ride:

If they look aggravated or annoyed that you are a "tire kicker" meaning you really look the thing over well then they probably know its a pos and know that if you spend enough time looking at it you will not buy it. They will probably say something like well.. what do you expect for cheap or im selling it for less then book value. This is a clue that they know it needs alot of work.

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