How do I remove the mainshaft seal ?

Opps I meant the countershaft seal? Also how do I get the collar off that the seal rides on?

not sure what you mean by the mainshaft? If you mean the gearbox out put than that is the countershaft and all you need to do is remove the sprocket and pull the spacer out with some multigrips, a rubber inner seal should come out with the spacer, then you can replace the seal that rides on the output spacer.

if you are refering to the crank seals, you need to remove the stator cover on the l/h/s and remove the flywheel, then just pull and replace the seal, the r/h/s is more involved with the removal of the inner clutch cover and all the drive gears on the crank including the one way clutch for the starter, then you can access the r/h seal and pull and replace this also, hope this helps, let me know if i am off the mark!

I tried to get the collar to slide out by grabbing it with a channel locks and a vise grips but it wont slide off. HELP ME

I had the same problem with my 05. Never did get it off. I tried heat, vise-grips, everything I could think of.

I ended up leaving it and replaced just the seal.

My 450 and my other 250 always popped right off.

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