Long Lake MI. This sat morning (October 18th)q

Three of us headed up Saturday morning. loop, lunch, loop. Planning on being at the trailhead by 10:30am at the latest. Feel free to join us, the more, the merrier.

Why couldn't you do this next weekend.....I'm heading to the Traverse Area and have been trying to decide if I should take my bike or not. Next time.

Poodlepants, I'm bowhunting right down the road from yas this weekend. I'm takeing the steed just in case it works out. I may see you but my best chance for a ride is Sunday afternoon.

Have a good weekend all.

i will be in Tawas taking care of the leaves ... but i will have my bike with me.

if your going to the Long Lake near Hale ... i might be able to make it.

Great ride, several other riders were there including a couple from Indiana whoe were in their 60's. After we did a loop on Long Lake we went a couple miles South and ran around Missaukee a couple times. After Meadows, Hunt Creek, and Long Lake, it was a lot of fun to run something a bit wider and faster. I am looking forward to riding both trail systems again.

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