clutch install question

When installing clutch plates in a KX250F, do the notched lobes on the friction plates all go together and if not, what are they for?

Are you asking if you alternate your friction plates and your metal plates like you currently see on your bike? If so, yes. Examine the order of the two different types of plates and replace them as is. Make sure that you let the plates soak in the proper fluid for a while before the install, as the instruction set forth. If you lay the bike over the opposite side of the clutch cover, you won't even have to drain the oil.

No, I know the steel and friction plates alternate, but on the friction plates there is one ear or lobe(I don't know what you call it) that is notched. My question is does the notch on all of the friction plates line up in the same slot?

I know kinda what you're asking & at a guess I'd say it doesn't matter, but have a look at how the originals are fitted and if they even have a notch in them & go from there. I can't see the clutch plates needing to be assembled in a certain orientation as they are round & the whole lot spins anyway.

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