Help Please, 88cc kit questions

I got the

"Trail Bikes 88cc Big Bore kit, 20mm Carburetor Kit, and Race Cam Performance Kit"

and the high volume oil pump.

Are their any special tools or fluids/oils i need to do this install? and how easy is it?

Just a clutch nut tool to remove the clutch. You need to remove the clutch to install the oil pump. Everything else can be done with everyday tools.

MAKE SURE YOU JET IT PROPERLY. I had a TB 88 cc kit. Mine blew up after 4 hours on it. Make sure you understand TDC and timing and valve clearance and take your time. Don't beat on it until it is broken in.

like Q said, a clutch nut tool AND a 2mm drill bit

if your not allready doing it i would run a sythetic like a mx-4t 10w-40

Well I did the install, and the company I ordered the kit from sent me the piston for the race head with bigger valves. Now my head has edges bent and the piston is monkeyed up too. Good thing i stopped riding it and checked I heard the pinging/knocking noise.

what company did you buy from?

I bought it from Faster-Minis and I called and talked it over with Brett.

He is sending me a race head and a new piston and gave me a killer deal so I will be installing that soon.

Brett was a good guy to deal with.

sounds good.

how is it running now? I am thinking of getting an 88kit with race head and carb this time.

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