Should it be street legal?

I've thought for a while now about making my '03 street legal. But considering what the bike is made for, can riding it on the street be harmful to it in any way? Can idling in traffic or at numerous stoplights cause overheating issues?

I'm just wondering if taking such a bike and using it for basically the exact opposite of what it was designed for could somehow ruin it?


I think it would be fine. Just make sure you get the right tires for it because you don't want to ruin your off road tires.

My buddy has a 4 stroke and he has said that he can't let the thing idle very long at all. It will start to overheat pretty quick after its already at normal temp. just from riding.

my wr is quite similar, and besides the larger tank, wide ratio gearbox and no overflow, yours should be just fine with a few tweaks.....but yeah the seat sucks

definitely needs a lot taller gearing to use it on the street --- i live in a rural area and occasionally ride mine to relative's homes (4-5 miles)

It is wound tight at 55-60 mph with the stock gearing (mine is an '08 with a 5 speed --- the 4 speed may be more so)

I briefly considered titling and tagging mine, but those little 4 mile trips have made me re-consider. Gearing it tall enough to prevent top end problems would hamper its performance too much on the track for me.

Plus, i don't want to put a sidestand on it. If you like to moto, doing all the dual sport changes would compromise the machine too much, but if you trail ride, -- go for it i guess

I would not hesitate to tag a WR if i had one though. Even if it was carrying a taller gear, it would still have ample power for the trails

I think it would overheat, doesn't seem like a good idea to me

Remmeber you have to change the oil clean the filter after about every three tanks of gas or so. And yes they do over heat in a hurry if left idling for more than 3 mins. plus the tires will detonate in no time at all on the road.

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