Does the CRF 150R fits me???????

I´m 13 years old

I´m 105 pounds,

1,60 Meters (160 cm)

Should I get a 150 or a 250????

For MX racing.

The CRF 150R expert


im 5'2 and am going to get a 250 the day I reach 5'3 so I would get a 250, lower linkage (1") then raise forks so you dont throw off the geometry and shave the seat to a step seat and your down 2 1/2 inches and seat height is around 35.5 inches Good to Go

But the 150 will be better for my size for MX racing

But the 150 will be better for my size for MX racing

Maybe for a year.... Once you hit your growth spurt, you'll be shopping for a new bike.

It's better to grow into a new bike that out of one...

Ya that's what happend to me it was perfect for me when it got but now im getting to big for it.

what about a linkage?

i'd rather have a bike that fits me than one thats too big. not that i have a problem gitten on a 250...... (im 13 5'6 and 120lbs)

yeah... I think that way too

i'm 167cm and the crf150rb is at the right hight for me, though i'm just getting back in to dirt bikes after not riding for 7 years, but i am upgrading next year to a 250.

if you get the 150 and when you hit your growth spurt get a tall seat foam which will increase the seat hight

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