I think TT Needs A "FOR SALE" Forum

What do you think?

Lately we are getting way more than just a few unrelated "For Sale" Posts. I think we need a For Sale Thread so that if were looking to buy a Polaris Scrambler, or a Honda 50 or whatever there is a designated place to look.

Just a thought...

Bonzai :)

It is getting of target with the “For Sale” stuff.

WR/YZF motorcycles or motorcycle parts I can see, 2 stroke Maytag washing machine engines for example…no.

I totally agree, I second the motion :):D

Originally posted by Alain:

I totally agree, I second the motion :):D

I think it is already done! Another reason to start you TT session via www.thumpertalk.com.



[ June 23, 2002: Message edited by: Bryan Bosch ]

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