New owner of a 2001 426

So as it states i just got into a slightly used 426. It has a big bore kit and a 13:5:1 piston. And it hauls, I havnt really rode a dirtbike other than a yz125.. but i own a yfz450 and a couple other quads. Lets just say after finally getting this beast started i am hooked. My only dissapointment is that its winter and i live in montana so its going to be hard to ride alot. This site seems really informative and i look forward to posting more... Pictures will come soon.. Thanks fellas.:worthy::D

Welcome to Thumper Talk, and congratulations on buying your 426. It was a beast in its day, and is still among the best all around recreational dirt bikes you can own.

Be sure to visit the Common Threads Sticky, and familiarize yourself with the use of the site's search engine. And of course, read the rules.

Don't be afraid to ask questions, or give advice if you can offer it. Enjoy.


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