preload help

i ride a 05kx250f and hit the jumps as fast as the other guys but can only clear about half what they get so some tips on how to preload would help

Are your springs correct for your weight? I would also make sure all of the clickers are in the stock position.

my brother said i should stiffin the springs and yes it did help i went to the track today and practiced and was way better than last time

i am 6'0 180 pounds so i think springs at stock setting wasent enough

According to race tech your fork springs are a little stiff for you and your shock is a little soft. Having the right springs will make a difference in the way your bike handels! Also a properly setup suspension will make you more confident which should make you faster!

As far as preloading before you jump all you need to do while going up the face of the jump is to just push your legs down into the pegs like you were jumping on groung with no bike.

Generally seat-bouncing will send you higher and farther.

Generally seat-bouncing will send you higher and farther.

Yes, but be very careful when you do it. Start seat bouncing on very small jumps or you may crap your pants when you do it. :D

tnx i cudnt jump as far as my bro and we had pretty much the same bike..but he has a $3000 suspesion

nice jump....but what exactly is the defintion of seat bounceing?

Thanks, and sitting down off the face of the jump.

tnx im gonna try that if i can get back to the track b4 it gets to cold and if my dad actually takes the pictures and videos he says he is

Ok be careful starting out and make sure all the clickers are in the stock position. You don't want to endo or backflip by having you clickers messed up when doing this.

By looking at the video where you aid what am i doing wrong, then reading this i would say you may feel liek your going as fast up to the jump as everyone else, but i almost gaurentee they are staying on the gas for a split second longer up the face which makes the biggest difference. I would say learn to jump properly standing before seat bouncing, and learn to seat bounce on a small safe jump. Although it works awsome once you get it down, if you let off the gas when seat bouncing it can end up bad. keep practicing and stay on the gas longer. Also, it is bascialy all mental, onc eyou do it a few times you will literaly feel liek you can approach the jump way slower yet still make it.

That was my video and I'm not the original poster. I was just helping him on seat-bouncing. And yes, holding it pinned off jumps is one of my problems. But I'm working on it. I can already clear the jump in the video all the way now.

RIDER52 has an excellent point. That split second of extra throttle makes all the difference in the world (assuming you have the correct suspension).

nice jump....but what exactly is the defintion of seat bounceing?

I would say technically seat bouncing is when you come into the jump sitting down. And in the radius of the jump youur suspension will preload (darn near bottom out, or bottom out depending on how fast and how steep ) and at that point you will be near the lip of the jump your suspension will rebound at this time you should be extending your body into the standing position as you leave the earth behind. advancing to a bunny hop. this is where you really gotta be careful not to land 20 feet past the landing ramp. Hence starting on something small this technique will launch you a heck of a lot further than just hitting the face in the neutral body position.Good luck

suspension tuning makes a world of difference... I use the methods listed at Rick actually built my suspension including putting beefier springs.. at the time he did my suspension I was 5' 11" and 225lbs I am now back down to 190lbs... anyways when I got it back he told me to ride it first then follow the instructions on his tuning pages... everytime I wanted to call him to ask a question I read a little farther and it was answered there already..

not a seat bounce.

Seat bounce you dont just sit down. thats total goon. The technique is to lean back and push down on your rear end with a smooth motion. If you do it correctly your rebound will push your rear up lowering ur front. You can control it the rebound and how high the seat bounce you go is all in the suspension and rebound.

to the original poster:

Go faster. Go Faster Go Faster Go Faster Go Faster Go Faster Go Faster

to be faster you must GO FASTER GO FASTER

the riders are not preloading those jumps at baja they are unloading.

Those stepups you dont do. we scrub the first one and hold it wide open. In some cases if we mess up or dont land the first table smooth we seat bounce/preload the double. Really depends on the lip. And come on 85cc riders do it. Shouldn't need to preload.

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