tell me what i am doing wrong

heres a video of me first time on track im riding at baja mx in milington mi

im the number 69 kawasaki i have on a grey t shirt

Not standing up when neccessary, not doing all the jumps. Possibly need to go more into depth on riding technique, and more track time.

not up on the tank and sitting down when going threw turns and your not sticking you leg out in front of the bike when going threw them too.

The one table top you all most went over the bars when you landed. Maby you should start lifting weights to get your arm strength up. So when you land you dont go over the bars. :D

First of all, don't beat yourself up over the mistakes you made. Just go out there, give it your best, and have fun. That will take you further than any advice I can give you. The fastest guys are the ones who are having fun while giving it their all. Have you ever seen the big ole smile on James Stewart's face when he's riding? He's grinning from ear to ear!

Second, I agree with the text comment on youtube, "ditch the camera man." :ride: Jk, be thankful you have people out there pulling for you and supporting you. But it wouldn't hurt to buy the camera guy a tripod stand for Christmas. I bought my mom one for Christmas when I was younger. It helps! :worthy:

Now, to answer your question. You were sitting down way too much. Only sit down during smooth sections of the track (e.g., smooth straights, smooth turns). An aggressive rider stands (not straight up) and squeezes the bike tightly with the legs. You want to use your legs as much as possible, not your arms (arm pump=bad). Rule of thumb: Squeeze with your legs & if it's bumpy or jumpy, stand up<< Just made that up.

On jumps, you were way too far back on the bike. You want to maintain a neutral riding position while riding, which pretty much means your chin is directly above the handlebars. If you can read your front number plate when riding, you're doing it right. Lastly, I would suggest buying Gary Semics' videos that deal with overall riding technique and cornering.

Main thing is, keep having fun! :D

does it look like i need to stiff my suspension to? and the track was really sandy as well

does it look like i need to stiff my suspension to? and the track was really sandy as well

As far as suspension goes, I would need to see your bike closer up to see how it is reacting to differently sized jumps. IMO, I think your suspension issues are not really suspension related, though you should have a mechanic set it for you.

I have one question for you. It looked as if you were landing really hard when the landings should have been relatively smooth. Are you landing with your gas on or off? Try to land with it on, as it re-directs some of the downward force forward making the landing much much much softer.

look straight infront of u. stand up more. pin the the throttle.

u r driving the bike you need to ride it also u should just go balls out and go as fast as you can and dont be affaird to fall

Grip the bike with your legs, It will make a huge difference.

thankyou for all the pointers i went riding today and was almost twice as fast i think all i need now is practice i wasent trying the big step ups yet but i was clearing a 60ft tabletop, i rode with a class and could almost keep up until i bit it hard coming off of a big burm and on to a little lip and went over the handle bars lol and someone behind me ran into me but all in all i have improved much

oww that hurt. But ant least your doing better


Donavan, just keep practicing. all the previous tips are great. try to use them. i think the biggest improvement will come with time and experience. relax and have fun.


1 thing that I did notice, on the last jump in your video your entire body went forward and your chest looked like it came pretty close to hitting the bars. As you should already know this is not a good thing, but can be helped by hitting the gas just prior to landing. Hitting the gas will help the bike to continue going forward instead of the engine braking slowing you down. I have also found that the gas will help the bike straighten out if I am slightly sideways on my landing.:D

Hope this helps


went over the handle bars lol

You're not the only one who wiped out! You should have seen my pathetic crash this weekend! Bent my handlebars about 4 inches in the other direction because my timing was wrong on a big stepup :D


the first thing I saw wrong was giving the camera to somebody that had too much coffee!!! :lol: just keep at it as you get more comfortable and confident you will figure out exactly what questions you need to ask.. but for now just keep getting in as much seat time as you can and get tips when your at the track from people that can show you what they mean..

heh im a local baja kid.

Your problem is your not on the gas. Go Faster and You'll learn to ride at the faster speed.

Stand up and hold it wide open. If you dont want to hit a jump let off going off it. Or if your going to over jump it.

I ride 250F at baja and I clear every jump. (kong, double into rollers, new step down etc. all day) the video still looked like track was smooth but when it starts getting whooped out stand up.

Seriously if you want to get faster at that track stand up the whole track and never sit down. I sit down only in the smooth rutted corners and stand up again right away cause the whoops are everywhere. And sand you need to go fast to stay on top of it. but in your case for pratice never sit down for like a whole pratice session then next pracitce out try sitting down only a few times.

i rode with a class and could almost keep up

Get out of the A/B practice!!! you could not almost keep up.

Seriously You'll get run over and piss everyone off.

Here a video I made of my friend with some shots from baja.

You can use it two ways. 1 see how he stands up and doesn't let off and holds the throttle and uses it smoothly not blipping it.

and TWO You are no where close to keeping up with A/B riders. THIS IS A insult for SAFETY. There's a reason they break up classes like so.

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