250f good for technical ?

How does the 250f 08 shape up as a technical riding bike , I ride a 2 stroke 250 and am considering the 250f .

Riding is very little flat out stuff , mainly rocks , river beds , sandy climbs .

Does the overheat easily ?

Will the standard gearing do the job ?

Cooling is generally not an issue on the later models, but don´t idle when your sitting still, that will cause it to overheat.

The key is to keep air moving through the radiators.

The gearing is probably too tall for that type of riding, since many add a tooth for MX, I would guesstimate that a 50 tooth sprocket is needed for that type of riding.

Since you already have a "big" bike, and are gonna do that type of riding, may I suggest a KLX 450F instead? It has the traits that you are looking for, the KXf 250 is a full-on motocross bike...

Or if it really is a 250 you are aiming for, perhaps a KTM 250 EXC-F would be the bike for you. Those bikes are more aimed for enduro, 6 gears with better gearing and a bit softer suspension and big radiators...

Wont even consider a KTM , they are way overpriced this side of the world .

I have considered a KLX but 112kg compared to 93kg for the 250 makes me lean more towards the 250 .

Why cant Kawasaki make a proper KLX 250 based on the KX 250 .

hey, there is no such thing as a perfect bike

i race a 07 kx250f off road(enduro whatever you wanna call it) and its great but like D-K aid u better be moving or your screwed mine got so overheated during a race it wouldnt start and it blew a head gasket and stuff because it ended up steaming all of the radiator fluid out. if you do get it i would buy a ventedfront fender and number plate along with the fluidyne oversized radiators and engine ice and you will be hooked up. it is a mx bike but i love mine off road its got lots of pep good low and top end and is very light compared to other trail bikes the only down side is no electric start. :D but good luck and i hope i helped you out!

Ive got 5.5 hours on my 08 and honestly ive only been on the track for a max of 15 minutes.. I bought the bike thinking i want to ride track a lot more.. but for what your saying ive used it for and never have had any problems..

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