2008 rmz Compared to 08 CRF

Hey guys,

Thinking about coming back to Zook after 2 years on Honda. How is the gearchange of the 08 ? How plush is the suspension ?

Anyone ridden a 08 crf care to comment ?? I am talking about the 450 here.

ive now owned a crf for every year except 08 which i did ride and didnt like in comparison to the 07, the suzuki suits me better over all i feel so far. I got fed up with clutch, valve probs etc that seem to be on going on the honda, overall the bike has some good parts some bad compared to the honda.

On track the gear changes are sweet although i will be investing in a longer shift lever at some point as im a size 12, sussy is fine for me at 14 st fully kitted all ive done is have the front forks serviced and thats it bike remains stock other wise have my first meet on it sunday with some good pro riders including your fellow country man nev bradshaw so will see how it gets out the gate at last!

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