'07 CRF 250R exhaust dyno charts...???

I am looking to put a new exhaust on my 250r and wanted too see some dyno charts, for both single and dual mufflers.I have read many threads about the pros and cons of duallies and the single can, but im just chasin the facts. If anyone could point me in the right direction? thanks

I posted FMF single and duals from a member who actually spent time and dynoed them. He did the same with PC. It was on 05 I think. No difference. Aside from the rare emperical evidence to the contratry (like the one I posted that another guy did that I found by searching) you will get lots of butt dyno testimonials, many of whom are comparing thier new single to the stocker or what not. Butt dynos mean nothing.

Search, they are out here....

Dont quote me, but didnt ron hamp say recently on a post that a top pro actually switched back to the stock duals over after market exhaust? Actually preferring the stocker

I prefer the duals on my 2008 over two different single aftermarket setups I have. The stock duals put out super low end power with the singles getting the edge on top end. The duals are way too loud though.

Heres what Ron said

"I just received an email where a pro rider during testing of a moded 250 chose the stock duals over the Dr D and the yosh duals not because of the peak power gains but because of the power curve and reduced lap times they produced."

Go check the thread to get it all in context

People spend WAY too much time talking about peak power. Peak power is only usefull if you ride at that one rpm at all time. Beyond that, power under the curve is way more important for normal folks, maybe not James Stewart etc.. but for Joe the plumber, a fatter broader power curve is more important.

Remember, 4 strokes won out becasue they make a fatter power curve that is easier to manage not becasue the make more "peak" power.

After market pipes and what not may indeed make a fatter curve and maybe not. I am merly pointing oiut the obvious that there is more to fast lap times other than a single power numer at a specific rpm.

There is defintely more to it than peak power. thats not what im hoping to achieve. i'm chasing dyno charts too see the power and torque curves just as much as there peak power and torque gains over standard.

ebeck would you be able to point me in the direction of those fmf dyno's you mentioned earlier? would be a great help. im looking at either the fmf 4.1's or the yoshimura's. i like the dual pipes and want to keep them. was one of the reasons i chose my honda in the first place, however i dont want to cough up the cash for the duallies and find out im gettin thrashed by the same bike with the single can setup. thanks again

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