2004 WR 450 Street legal?

So a friend of mine has a good deal on an 04 WR 450, I was thinking of picking it up and making it a street legal supermoto. I live in Utah and we can street legal just about anything. I was going to do my YZ but my bro talked me into looking for a bike to do a mild build on(sit in my shop through winter while I powder coat the frame and what not) and I figured the WR would be nice with the e-start and 90% wired for all the lights.

SHould I be looking for a different machine or different year? Any help would be great.

I just legalized my 04 wr450 and love it (478 kit and mild port job). AZ will also put a plate on anything, too. From what I read on this forum, just avoid the '03's.

If you wanna run an elec horn, just wire it directly to the battery.

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