YZ400F - after work ride today

Thanks to all the TT'rs that helped me get the 400 going after it sat in my garage for over a year! I bought it for my bro-in-law when he came back from his first tour in Iraq but it never ran right and was really more bike than he wanted so he bought something else. I bought it from him and it sat there. Finally it's running and the shake down cruise went successful.

Today after work I'm taking it out to the practice track with a buddy (my buddy rides a CR250). I've been through the manual and adjusted everything back to stock (suspension, chain, controls, tires etc). I haven't really ridden a motocross bike on a motocross track since I was a youngster. Looking forward to trying out the 400 on the track.

We are also planning a Hollister trip to see how the 400 does there.

Anyway - thanks everyone for all the help!

sound like you will have alot of fun! Let me know when you go to hollister because me and my brother will be heading down there in a week or two and most likely on a sunday.:D

We will be there the 8th/9th (moved from the 1st/2nd). We always camp in Bee camp and will have three or four guys and various g/f's, wives, kids. My buddy rides a red CR250, I'll be on the YZ with probably a vintage Yamaha or Honda in tow, another buddy rides a YZ250WR and another guy rides a WR500 two stroke.

We always fly Old Glory from the truck.

Feel free to stop by and say hello. My name is Shane

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