A horn for a xr650

Have any of you made your xr650 street legal and had to install a horn. I might get away with it for the inspection here in NC, but I think it will be required? I'm asking ahead of time because it's a big decision between the xr650 converted vs. a compromised dual sport. thanks ahead of time.

I used a bicycle bulb style horn - all the law says is "horn".


When I dual sported my BRP in AZ I installed a BD ac/dc voltage rectifier/regulator just for a horn. Also run all my lights off of this unit as well now (100W H3 headlight and tail/brake lights, no flashers required). I bought a cheap horn unit, did my own wiring and used a mirco switch from a parts box. (Really cheap :))

The BRP is kinda loud and drowns out that dinky horn. But I am street legal. :D

most states require a horn, yes, and some states require it to be audible up to a certain distance. Here in Texas, they just say "you have to have a horn", and don't specify anything else. I had already installed the baja designs dual sport kit on it, and that came with a wimpy horn, so that was all that was needed. In fact, I used a harley place to inspect my bike, and they didnt even ride my bike, let alone check the horn. . they said they wouldnt ride a Jap bike, hahaha.. They just slapped an inspection sticker on it without checking anything at all, not even the brakes.. Oh well, they were pretty drunk at the time ..

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