I have changed carb to that which you haff led me and it seems ok on road bk mod should save me heeps of gas

I have yet to ride on dirt but shall be riding at new practice track at swofam on 26 jan so i will post and let you know how it goes

hello mate

just came to have a look this evening, sorry i'm not about as much but i have seen it all and done most of it as the old saying goes.

yep! enjoyed my first look at the states although i didn't really leave houston. then again i always was a people person and i met lots of good people-[censored] barking mind-but you know nice :)

i've heard that swaffham really, really will open that weekend as they have let us all down already haven't they!

so i may well be there as well. it's got to be the sunday though for me.

you won't know him but "ron" who does enduros on a kwacker 125 broke his neck sunday and he's paralysed from the chest down. i hope he makes some kind of recovery. he has a family so it's not going to be easy.


Taffy i to hope ron comes round sadness felt by us here

swaffam will be on sunday for me

WR 400 looks like latest 426 carbon silencer pro tapers billet top yoke alloy frame gaurds yellow panels carbon kevlar stiky stuff on air box slow steady rider YZmudgaurd

come say hi i will buye you a coffe


Imay be leaning against a tree knackerd somewhere

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