Vortip Conspiracy

For those of you looking at the three exhaust tip options, (Baja Baffle(Vortip Style), and Exhaust Baffle, both from Baja Designs, and the Stroker insert from www.strokerspeed.com take note. I talked to the designer of the Vortip (which was the one I wanted to buy but it was @Q$#@$ $80 dollars from baja designs, and he still has some left at 59 dollars. This guy designed the baffle, made some, licensed it to Baja Designs, and Baja marked it up. Any... www.finelinesuspension.com should have it listed. Same thing as a Baja Designs Vortip, and 20 bucks cheaper.

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I just orderd one. They only have 40-50 left. They will not make any more units. They transferred the rights to Baja Design.

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