I'm interested in both and don't know much about either? Just wondering what you think? IMS, Acerbis, Zipty, for tanks? And, who makes a good jacket? Anyone have either for sale? (tank for an '02 YZ426) Thanks!

Good to see you are going to Baja!

I've been very happy with my Moose XCR jacket. It fits over my chest protector w/o any problem. Mine is 5-6 years old so the newer ones are sligthly different.

I've ridden Baja with a 3.4(?) gallon IMS YZ tank w/o any problems. I get ~90 miles before reserve. I have a 4.0 gal WR tank from IMS that I'd be willing to sell if you really think you need the bigger tank and are running a WR seat. Hell, I have the WR seat if you want it...



Go with the Moose XCR jacket. The 2003 model is best since the originals came out.



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