i need a stator

ok well theresno stators at the warehouses in ca. so there saying it has to come from japan?? so anyone know where theres one in stock??? ineed one badly for 06 yz450f

Ya buy after market they are cheaper and better, and you get a lighting coil.


what company would you guys recommend? i was thinking electrosport?

do you think i should wait for the oem one or buy an electrosport one? cause i need to go ride.

If you are not planning to run lights, either get a new OEM, a used one from eBay, or contact Ricky Stator and have your rewound as a stock one. The lighting coil equipped models are less reliable than stock, and produce less energy for the ignition side of the equation, while not really producing a lot of current for lights, either.

yea. electrosport sells one that just is a stock one with no lighting leads

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