2009 YZ450F before u take for a spin

Hi, so i read that before u ride an new mx bike it requiers GREASE ,

and that u need to strip the bike in parts and grease the hell out of it..

so whats the prosedure :D

Grease your steering stem bearings, both wheels axles, all linkage pivot points including the swing arm. I also pull out the chain adjuster bolts and put grease on them. It's not fun but it will save you money and headaches in the long run.

Cheers mate ,thats what i was afraid of hearing...

I don't really think its necessary to greese everything. I didn't greese my old 04 yz450 and it held up fine for 4 years.

I'm guilty of not greasing some new bikes (along with not tightening spokes or checking air filter or engine oil levels), but others I will take the time; those bikes are usually purchased during a big snow storm where no one can even leave the driveway.

Yamaha as far as i know does not put a liberal amount of grease in their bearings. You should or must check all bearings and grease accordingly period.

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