Straightening Tweaked Radiators

I recently purchased an 05 YZ450F and my radiators are tweaked down more than I would like. Especially my left one, you can very visibly see the shroud on the left side is lower. Is there anyway I can straighten them out myself? I'm on a tight budget so sending it out really isnt an option and I cant seem to find a good deal on used ones. They dont leak or anything but I want to put new plastics and graphics on at some point but I dont want to have to bend the new plastics to make it fit. Thanks in advance for any and all help.

I know you said you did not want to send them out, but I would just pack them up and send them to Mylers. I sent them a radiator that looked like a truck ran it over and they made it look new for $45. It's just not worth trying to straighten them yourself and possibly damage them or make them leak IMO.

I've had good luck straightening them myself. I'm not talking about severely bent radiators, just twisted or sagging type of bends. You can bend them pretty far before they leak. You really have nothing to lose....they're bent anyway.:D

I'll have to take a look at them when I can and see if I can do something with them.

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