Dunlop D606's 3000 miles and going strong

I have heard all of the rumors about only getting 1500 miles out of just about any knobbie dual sport tire on the market, but I would like to say that I do not ride like a slug and most of the time ride it like I stole it. I do about 50/50 dirt/street riding ranging in elevation of 800 to 7000 feet on a weekly basis. I still have at least half of the tread on the knobs left. I also would like to mention that when off road I ride in a lot of harsh rocks, logs, roots, and so forth, I am just about ready to get another set because winter is coming and I will need the extra tread for the mud and snow. This has been my 2 cent review on Dunlop D606's. I give these tires a 5 out of 5 for great performance on all terrain and long life. They are also fantastic when you get a flat. I did not even know I had one for about 20 miles until I took a high speed corner and felt some wobble. Have a great day and Braap,Braap,Braap!:D

3000 miles on a 606 rear and 50% life left? You got lucky, real lucky.

I got 3000 out of my last 606 rear, but it was complete toast by then. Trying a Maxxis Desert IT now just for kicks but would not be surprised if I went back to the 606. The 606 is a Lot of tire for the money.

If you're constantly spinning it, then sure the mileage life will drop dramatically.

Road use/heat kills knobbies faster than anything, in my experience.

I ground a 606 to bald, with a timid throttle, in about 1200 miles. Reason? I was on the road nearly the whole time.

I could probably get 3k out of a 606, if I didn't roast it on the road.

I used to get about 2000-2500 miles per rear D606 on my XR650L. It's a little heavier than the DRZ but I'd expect the 3000 is obtainable with a light right hand! Enjoy! Bucky

My right hand is made of lead not feathers Bucky!:worthy::D

can anyone recommend a rear tyre for drz 400 sm that will last more than 3000 miles?

why do i need radial tyres on th drz sm? there seems to be vert few choices for the rear ( 140/70/17 ) all expensive. All supersoft.

how do the 606s feel in twistys, butt puckering or reasonably ok?

I managed only 1500 hundred miles out of the last 606 I ran, but the MT21 I have on now didn't last all that much longer (60% street, 40% hardcore Northeast trails).

I barley got 3K on the 606 rear.

how do the 606s feel in twistys, butt puckering or reasonably ok?

Very ok.

3k on a 606?? wow. I only got about 1k but that was mostly street.

I ride a lot of dirt. I know the area that I live in very well and I could take a dirt road or trail and cover just about any distance in my county and a couple other surrounding counties.:D

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