White Bros E any good?

Got a cheap one on offer to me. Are they any good?


I had one on my 2000 WR4 and it worked great with only a pilot jet change. Big difference from the stocker in throttle response. Good quality, durable piece, but kinda loud. I tried the quiet core, but it killed the power output. Just my 2 cents.

Peace Eh - P.Z.

I've got an E-series on my '98 WR400. It definitely is loud, but I haven't tried any other pipes on it.

Hopefully its the S-bend, thats the best for low end grunt, put eight disks in it, it will give you better bottom end and won't be quite as loud.

Whats the diff between the E series and E series S bend. I am considering this pipe too, as I will need to quiet down for some off road races, and then open it up for the track. With discs and cores is it flexible enough to change it up with out changing the jetting each and every time??

Hmmm, not sure if it's the S bend or not. But bought it anyway. How do you tell?


The S Bends pipe that comes out of the front of the muffler is all the same diameter, the other one has a pipe that increases in diameter towards the muffler, funnell shaped, I think its called the Pro Series, it gives more power on the top end and is more for the pro racers.

When I had my WR with the E-Series, I found that going from 7 to 12 discs made lots more noise with a minimal top-end power increase. No jetting change seemed necessary even with the quiet core installed. I experimented with the quiet core and eventually drilled the holes in the center of the "baffle washers" bigger. I can't remember what size of drill I wound up with, but I did go quite a bit larger. The drilled core with 12 discs was a bit quieter (by ear) than no core and 7 or 8 discs and ran about the same. In the end I wound up running it with no core and 12 discs most of the time.

Peace Eh - P.Z.

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