What happens with the exhaust?

What happens to the Dr. D stainless steel exhaust when you don't repack it? Does it lose hp? Does it get louder? Does it ruin the exhaust? Thanks.

Definitely the first two, and possibly the third if you run it long enough with no packing. It will get a lot louder and you will lose power. If you keep running it you run the risk of burning a hole through the can (tends to bust through more like an explosion though) and possibly even catch the number plate/rest of the bike on fire (I've seen it happen). Do yourself and everyone around you a favor and repack it when it needs it.

its easy to repack at home? or just let the shop do it.

easy to do at home

Yes to all three, although number 3 takes longer. If you use the DRD repack kits, it's really pretty simple. The DRD pipe unbolts to disassemble it, so youdon't need to drill and punch rivets.

Dr.d's packing is really easy to use. Just get some high temp silicone, the right allen wrench, a rubber mallet and it shouldn't take more than an hour to do.

The bolts are not Allen heads. They are Torx bolts. I believe they are a #25, but the pipe will come with tool to remove them.

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