Yamaha to LIMIT WR450F sales in No America

Dan, thanks.... that makes sense... Still seems like there shouldn't be 6 months from Press Release of the new model to actual delivery.

Yamaha knows exactly what they are doing.We can all speculate.However their maketing team is among the top in the industry,as well as the R&D unit.Go look in your garage guys and you can see the results of their efforts.Those of us who want a 450F will likey have one available to buy,in time,at an unspecified price.We can't blame the dealers for trying to make an extra buck,in this day an age.Your price will really let you know where you stand with your dealer and loyalty to each other.Shop around,and by all means get it in writing.

what about the guy who sell the canadian models?

will he have more than 10? :)

Why should we care if Yamaha doesn't import tons of WRs. Frankly, it just gives me an excuse to buy a Husqvarna in late August. With the Huskies, Husabergs, KTMs, and VORs out there Yamaha can kiss my a$$ if they are going to limit production. The Husky is close to the same price, I will bet money that it is lighter, and has all the exotic bits and pieces that make the Euros so sweet.

Oh yeah, it is quiet and you don't have to unplug it to make it run. Guess I will be riding the enduros while the Yamahas are stuck at the sound check.

I don't mean to bash Yamaha I am a long time customer, but they do this with all of their models and it is getting old especially with all of the competition out there.


Yeah here in SoCal places like Berts Mega Mall and Chapparal are bigger than most Walmarts or Costco's (not a joke) you walk into these places and it's bikes of every make for miles!

MMM,,, Homer Simpson Drool!!!

Bikes are always in such short supply here in the SouthEast it just Pi**es me off sometimes.

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