Hows Your YZ450F ?

I have an '03 YZ450 and it has been very, very reliable. I change the oil and clean the air filter regularly, like every ride. Still has the origional valve shims! I check them regularly, just to be sure be sure.

Of my friends that insist on riding red, they are on their 2nd and some 3rd top end. Although I must admit, the Honda will out turn the Yamaha. The Yam is more stable. Once you get used to the way the Yamaha handles, it's a non-issue.

yeah im not that worried about getting my dad a bike that will turn really well becasue he wont go fast enought or turn sharpe enough to ever know. He is a laid back rider and im starting to lean tword yamaha after this talk about never adjusting your valves

I've had my 06 since brand new. Checked the valves once. What a bike. I agree they turn very well. I kind of steer with the rear brake. But love the bike. Keep doing the oil changes often and just ride it.

I have a smoker for the tight trails, but love the thumper for hillclimbing and long rides.

If you want to work on a bike all the time get the CRF450 and lots of intake valves. This is what I went through with my Honda(Now Gone Forever).

i have an 06 and love it except when a turn is coming up!!! the front end never feels planted to the ground in the corners for me. ive ridden rmz250fs and crf450 and almost came in my pants after seeing how well and how much stability they have in the corners. they somewhat fixed the problem for 08+ models so id recommend no older than 08 if you wanna ride mx tracks aggressively

:lol: yeah I feel the same way, my 06 feels good at times and at other times I'm on the ground with no warning. I see Dunlop is making a 4 stroke specific 90/100-21 742FA. Has anyone with an 06 YZ450 or any other year tried this tire? I believe it is a little wider than 80/100-21...



As for 90/100x21's in general, they seem to work better on hard surfaces than on intermediate and soft. Some love 'em, some....don't. They don't suit my needs.

As far as the 742FA in particular, it works really well in a very narrow range of loamy, soft/intermediate soil, but not very well at all anywhere else. I was astounded by how badly it worked in sand.

I couldn't agree more with the reliability of the Yamaha's.

I had an 02 YZ426 that never gave me any trouble and now an 08 YZ450 and love it! All of my buddies who ride red wrench on their bikes constantly and they're always in the shop it seems! And no, 4 strokes are not a pain in the ass to keep running (as long as it's a Yamaha!). Regular maintenance and yer good to go! Depending on how much riding your Dad does, he'll probably really like a WR450 with electric start. My buddy loves his.

Have fun!:lol:

12 hours on my new baby :p

Man I'm glad i went with a Yammie!!!It was between an 05 crf 450 and my 07 yz450.I seemed to like the way the yz felt. Felt lighter and and more balanced than the crf,and I' a BIG Honda fan.My last 3 bikes where all CR's.I did here that the Yammies where more reliable and that help my decesion even though the crf felt a little stronger on the bottem.

try a 50 tooth rear sprockete, more bottom.

try a 50 tooth rear sprockete, more bottom.


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