Holy crap? what happened to my WR...

So I took my bike to the Dunes this weekend. After riding for a few hours I checked the air filter and it was full of motor oil. I checked the level and the dip stick read full. Was oil spewing out of my filter? I had my local shop throw on some sand tires and change the oil. Did they over fill it maybe?? BTW i kept riding it and it ran really well for the rest of the trip.

Yes, your motor was probably overfilled and the extra oil came out of the breather hose from the top of the valve cover.

do you think it did permanent damage?

as long as you had plenty of oil , you only ran rich. No damage:banana:

did you happen to have the bike on its side for any length of time? Like when you ate it maybe?

It was overfilled. The WR has two drain plugs, and both of them have to be opened in order to drain ALL of the oil out of the bike. Sometimes one of them can get passed over. Then, if the bike is refilled with the full 1.05L of oil that an empty bike would take, it will actually be holding more, and it will have to puke off the excess. It's more of a mess than anything else, but not a huge deal if it only happens once or twice.

mine did,and i got my chain lubed for free.:D:worthy:

^that's the way, make hay while the oily sun shines:ride:

Just a note on oil levels. I ran through some similar problems shortly after getting my '08 and it was an overfilling problem. I wasn't reading the manual.

But I'm still having oil creep up into the air box and I've been meticulous at making sure the oil level is correct on service. Typically this only happens when I'm riding to work and back, approximately 30 miles each way at about 70 mph.

I'm really forming the opinion that there is a minor breathing problem with the engine on these bikes. Really just an annoyance, but still there. I have checked the breather hoses and everything is fine there.

To tie this together with the originator's problem. I think there is something to high RPM running that causes pressure to build up in the crankcase or (not as likely) build up a vacuum in the air box. My experience is that you typically run high RPM on the sand as well.

Has anyone had any similar experiences with their late model WR? It's driving me a little nuts, but only because I can't figure it out. I'm going to check for posts from guys running Baja and see if there is any info there.


+1 on the high revs

mine did it at 110mph and i thought she was toast

heart attack city....but no problems now

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