Coors and Pepsi give to the Greenies

Just heard from a good source that Coors and Pepsi contribute to The Sierra Club and other organizations that are trying to shut our trails down. This is news to me. Anyone know if this is true? Old news?

Say it aint so... I could care less about Coors (I don't buy that crap) but Pepsi?????

NO! NO! Please say it aint so !!!!!!

Hmmm, I must say I don't think Coors would, as they promote shooting and hunting events, racing events, rodeo's. ect.ect. All of which the greenies would slit even our childrens throats to stop.. Pepsi I don't know about. I also believe that unless you have PROOF you should not make these witch hunt remarks..IMHO


Oh $hi^ I'm sitting here witha 24ounce diet pepsi right now. Are ya sure about this? please find out

oldasdirt :D:)

well if coors is in your back yard walk on over there and ask someone and let us know!!!

At one time, Coors DID support the Sierra Club, among others. I'm talking about the 1970's here. I have no idea if they still do. It would be interesting to know.

It's good that we stay informed of these things, and check out any leads. We don't want to go off half cocked and boycott an innocent company, but if we can substantiate that they support green causes, let's hit them where it hurts. That is the only thing they understand and take notice of. Guaranteed. I have NO sympathy for companies that give money to radical environmental causes.


That is what I am trying to find out? I'm not witch hunting. I drink both and live in Coors backyard. I am looking for proof.

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