Easy water pump and countershaft seal replacement!

Grayracer - thanks for the tips. Sorry, didn't mean to hijack the thread, but the OP went straight onto countershaft seal removal in the opening page.

066logger - advice on removing the collar was a couple of pages earlier. Think it was tribalbc who mentioned removing the seal makes the collar pop out as well, or something like that. Might have to go back a couple of pages.

Just picked up parts this morning. Glad they had them in stock, as got a ride this afternoon. Thanks to all for their help.

Nice do it yourself tips with pix, yet to put that 1000km on the clock.

Use a plastic mallet, or place a block of wood over the end of the output shaft and give it a little rap or two inward to break the bond the O-ring has on the collar. Then grab it with a pair of pliers and twist and wiggle it off.

sweet. i just didnt want to get too agressive till i was exactly sure what to do :thumbsup:

yes finally got it!!! after tapping on the shaft for a while and using some pb blaster on it and still no luck i noticed the bushing has groves on the backside. so i bent a piece of wire just right to catch the groves and pulled it right out :thumbsup::banana:

I have a question. In the manual it states to put some lithium based grease on the new seal prior to installing. Question is, do you put grease on the outer edge of the seal ( as indicated in the manual) and on the inner edge that goes against the impeller shaft?

I just replaced my outer seal and it did the trick. After buttoning it back up, re-filling the coolant, and running the bike I found a pin on the ground.

I don't see any reason not to run the bike with one missing dowel on the pump cover. With one pin in place and the 4 bolts, there is no way the pump cover is going anywhere. I'm feeling lazy and not motivated to drain the coolant again.

Any thoughts?

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