pro circuit exhuasts?????

hi all i am looking into putting another exhuast on my 09 yz450 am i am interested in a pro circuit or a akrapovic do any of you guys have them on your bikes and how do you find them also do you have any pics to see what they look like on the yam and where the hard to fit???????

akrapovic is the best, period.

Custom made MRD with the power curve that fits your riding style for only $400 and a life time warrantee

You can't go wrong!

i have the pc ti4 on my 07. i love it.. fitmit was not an issue as the system took 10 mins to install. on the 07 it didnt make a drastic change to the low end as lets say a dr.d would but it woke the middle and top end up tremidously. it dosnt stop pulling. a great exhaust for the money..

heres a pic


Get the Pro Circuit. Here's a story: My friend just bought the Ti4 and ended up crashing and breaking the can. He sent it back to Pro Circuit and it took a little to get back. He called and they said that because of the inconvinience they sent him 2 Ti4 Pro Circuit for his 250f and one for his 450. And to top it off, the MItch Payton called back and apologized for the problem as well. THE MITCH PAYTON.:p His/our mechanic is also an authorized parts dealer so Im sure that kinda helped but that totally made my day.:lol:

thanks guys they do look awsome. bending the pipe would worry me very much as i bent my stanard one the first day out

Isn't Akrapovic the pipe that Factory Yamaha uses? If so, you know you cant go wrong with it.

If yamaha put a muffler off a lawnmower on their bikes would it be the best one to get?

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