opinion on my bike carb

Hey Guys,

not sure if I am ready for the jetting tread.

i have a 2008 WR450F, the bike is awesome in everyway

my only beef is the famous off idle bog... i have it.

i bought a JD jetting kit, but because i ride a 780ft above sea level only

i have not installed it. now since the weather has been getting colder...

i have been riding this weekend and noticed that my bike has no more bog.

its almost completely gone... and i mean completley.. little mound and 5th gear will pull the front whell off the ground.

now its probably 50-60 here rather that 70-85... now to me that would seem i am too rich.. ??? whats your thoughts ?



If it's better at 50-60F then yes, previously it sounds like you were too rich for the 75-80 F temps.

At colder temps, air is denser so you need more fuel to compensate, so it makes sense you would be rich at higher temps.

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