06 Yz450f Sand Mods?

1st, Let me say what a great site, i've gotten a ton of great info sence picking up my bone stock yellow 450 early last summer. This will be the first of about 12 dune trips this session for my 450 ( i've been duning my 2000 rm250 for years )

i was hoping to get an idea of the sand setup up guys are running . heres what i have in mind 8 scoupe paddle beather to airbox mod ( still to be done ) not sure about race fuel? do i need to add a chain link for the paddle to clear? anyone try a 10 scoupe paddle? any other sand mods/ tricks?

any info is of great help thanks guys .. now i'm off to get customs decal kit made for the yz the artist at the shop i'm working with has done same crazy custom car wraps so i'm hoping for big things

Oh and i have been talking up the yz to my crf buddys (03 and 05X ) so we have a few passes up comp hill lined up.. what do you think ? all riders are about the same skill level do you think / know if i can come back to camp with bragging rights?

Ahh the joys of desert season.

here is my Glamis set up for my 07 YZ.

8 Paddle with wheel set as far back on the swing arm as i can. My chain is already set up to ride at this length so i don't need to add a link. just your standard 520 Gold Chain.

Boysene Water Pump Cover and Impeller with Maxima Coolaide in the radiator.

Multiple air filters (change them every morning)

Run really low pressure in my front tire 10 PSI

I run 13 / 48 gearing simply because i like that setting in sand. Renthal.

I run a heavier weight oil 20w 50 Maxima non synthetic but change it every 10hours Max.

Of course nice clean graphics and riding gear. Thor AC lets lots of air in but if you fall lots of sand too. (Monkey Butt)

Other then that it's pretty much stock.

Check the valves before i go to make sure they are in spec.

cool, great info so you like the Maxima Coolaide i haven't tried that and this is on pump gas?

yeah, i never use race gas. unless you have modified internals and like replacing your valves i would stick to 91 octane.

the coolaide is cheap and has no low temp tolerance just high temp. good for the desert.

and i like Maxima products because i live in SD and they are from SD and i like the brand.

i love my 06 yz450f in sand with 12/49 and engine ice coolant.

12 t sprocket will give you alittle more slack for the paddle tire to fit. and its only 10 bucks.

best gear combo for me is 13/51, cuz 5th gear will pull those hard dune hills so easy compare to 13/49 where 5th gear bugs down preety easy without clutching.

no need for anything alse except a paddle tire, which i will try for the first time next summer.

the air box breather hose mod is every importent, after every ride its full with sand.

450 will clog the air filter alot faster then a 250 2t, so i change it twice a day, or when it get realy dirty, somtimes after 2 hours i cant even see the filter, just sand all over.

good oil is importent to, beacuse the 450 tend to ride realy hot. i use amsoil 10/40 or 10/30.

here in canada temp are going down so fast :D. so riding sesson is over for me, for the next 6 month atleast.:worthy:

bring enough fuel and a big cmelpack(i love it) and you are set to go :ride: .

the only time i have ever hit 5th in the dunes was when i was running the drags and a couple 900 HP rails were staging right behind me.

other then that, the only time i hit 4th is right at the bottem of a big hill before i click down to 3rd.

12/48 is by far the best gear ratio. I have the '05 so i have the 4 speed. I rode sand with my bike for or five time bone stock and thought is was the best bike ever. Last year I upgraded to the TSC Full Yosh system with the carb. kit. Telling you it is night and day difference.

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