flat track WR - suspension set up?

does anyone know how to set up and lower the suspension for flat tracking a wr400?

White Brothers did a YZf flat track bike, little wheels with NO knobs, a built motor, lowered suspension, the thing was way cool :D

You also might ask over on the DRZ side of TT. Some of the guys are motards.......uh, I mean ride motard :):D:D

Bill :D:D

Yeah but I bet the W/B boys arent giving thier secrets away! they will probably say send us your suspension and $6oo ... I would like to lower it 2 or 3 inches ... Did anyone see the Haydens finish 1-2-3 on cr450s and a yz426? :D:)

thanks for the DRZ advice :D

[ June 23, 2002: Message edited by: RLucky82 ]

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