wr426 tailpipe wanted

looking for a stock wr426 tailpipe for my wr400

[ June 23, 2002: Message edited by: RLucky82 ]

stock or after market

I have a WR 400 FMF Power Core IV if you are interested. It might be the same for the '426. I don't know for sure. E-mail or PM me if interested.

Just spotted a standard WR pipe on Ebay, type in WR426 in Ebay Motors, you should find it, Chris.

looking for the stock wr426 tailpipe I have the FMF Mega Max II (not the power core) and I hate it

[ June 24, 2002: Message edited by: RLucky82 ]

I have the DSP stainless steel model. It is obnoxiously loud. I will sell it. I just bought a "00 WR400, and it came on the bike.

are you interested in a trade for the FMF MegaMax II it has a removable "quiet core" , spark arested with plates and endcap, or you can run "verry loud" mode with all removed

yes I am. check private messages.

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