What model husky have i got? Anyone understand chassis numbers?

Ive bought a 2000 model Husqvarna today, and wondering if anyone knows what model it is off the chassis number, how do i tell? Please help


Does anyone have any knowledge of this model they can share, thanks guys.

Damian (Warrington, Cheshire, England UK)

Maybe a Husky Boy model.

I believe it to be a 2000/2001 SM 610 but just trying to find a way and understanding of Huskys as you know what people are like it starts off like my YZ 450 did as a crosser till i turned it supermoto, then i bought a full blown Husaberg 650 SM and always wanted a Husky so got this as a rebuild sort of project. I think the Husky will fill the gap between the YZ and Berg. If i can check what it was born as it will help me order parts etc. Info required please

I think it is a 98 going off the check digit for the year.

Hi , I know where you have a little confusion.

The mx versions don't tend to have a steering lock on the headstock, if it's an e-start sms then there are several other ways to tell..

the 10th digit of the vin number should indicate the chasis's model year,


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