yz426 or a yz450

i currently have a 250f 02 it has a steel frame and i love the suspension an the way it handles and i need a 450 now (i can ride a kx 500 perfectly:thumbsup: ) and i was wondering if i should go with the the 450 with aluminum frame or the 426 which is green sticker her i cali and a steel frame which i have on my 250f? what are your guys expeirience on these bikes? which would be best for racing?

Just so you know 03' - 05' YZ 450F's were steel frames. It wasn't until 06' that Yamaha began using the aluminum frame. If I were in your situation I would go for the newest & cleanest bike you could afford. There several years of advancements between the last 426 and the newest 450. You might as well try to take advantage of this especially with the price of used bikes being so low right now. With that said I own a 02' 426 which is great but I would definately like to upgrade to a newer model in the future.

The newer aluminum yz450's are a world ahead of the older yz426's. The 426 motor does make good power, and the newer yz's do come a bit choked up, but they are way better bikes, in terms of weight, suspension, etc. If you live in Ca, like I do, you just need to keep your old green sticker bike, if you are going to get a red sticker bike. However, if you need must race a green sticker 450, then get an 02crf450r. The crf motor is a bit more finicky than the yz, and it needs more up keep, but it is a better bike.

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