2009 Yz450f Brake In By The Manual

Hi ,so how are u guys doing your brake in for a brand new bike, i propably

just going to follow the manual , drving it slow to medium speed for 1 hour..

buy the way are the piston rings sealing the correct way like this..and if not

why is the manufacturer reconmmending this in the manual..:D

The piston and rings are broken in within the first couple minutes of starting it. The manufacturer recommends that way of break in to be safe and cover themselves.

Take it kind of easy for the first 5 minutes, then ride it progressively harder until the end of the first half hour. By that time, you should be running it at around 70-80% of its capability. Continue that for the remainder of the first hour, change the oil and filter, and declare it broken in.

OK...thanks for replyes

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