Anybody ride at marrinville this weekend?

Just checking how your ride went. I was parked next to a wr426 street legal and a ttr125. Hope you had a nice ride?

If it they were with a White over green Dodge Ram that was me. My son and I rode Marineville on Sat. Camped outside of Warren and rode Rocky Gap on Sun. The riding was great. When we pulled into Marineville on Sat. three Wrs were leaving. I have the TT fender decals, you should have come up to say hellow.

How are the trails there? What range of difficulty do they have??

I was pulling out when you were pulling in. I was in the red ford ranger with the wr426 and a pw 80. My brother moved to give you a spot to park. I would have stopped but we had an emergency at home. Look forward to seeing you guys agian.


Hope everything is alright at home. I was supprised to see all the WRs when I pulled in. I didn't see anymore the two days we were there.


the trails range from easy to difficult. My son rode Timberline and Marineville atv portion on the first year he had his PW 80. The bike trails are some what narly. This is his first year on the TTR 125L which is a little tall for him. He is not ready yet for the bike trails. You can get trail maps and info on the area at

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