WR Plastic?

Does anyone know where I could find black plastic for a 2000 WR400?

I've checked out denniskirk.com and they had a few pieces but not a complete set.

Also is there anyone that sells the retro black and white Yamaha decals that would fit on this year model bike?

Save your money and just paint it. I know a guy that did this to a 07 and it looks great. Spray can.


I just went through this in Sepember for my son's 2008 WR450F. It can't be done for a WR.

I put black plastic on my 07 wr it's not that expensive . both Ufo and acerbis make plastic for wr's . the only part they don't make is the headlight plastic. they both also make white and blue . did you try the thumpertalk store . they will order it for you.


I do not see any way to buy a black WR (not YZF) rear fender for a 2007-2008 model bike. I checked all of Thumpertalk's catalogs, no black.

they are not in the listings yet . but they do make them . I called them. when I get home I'll see I if I saved the links on my home computer.

here's the ufo link :


note their rear fender does not take the stock tail light but it comes with it's own new led one with a plater holder

here's a few pics

rear fender


note :these are yz rad shrouds I have an ims fuel tank it requires yz shrouds . but ufo does makes wr ones


note : no one makes a head light Mine' s painted it's been holding up so far.


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