WR 450: Desert bike?

Well like every one else thats waiting on there 450, I also can't wait!!!ANY DAY!!Anyway, we have a trip planned to Baja in March and was wondering what you guys think it will perform like on the prolonged rides? I realize that the bike is not out yet, but like the smaller oil capacity? Do you think it will be a problem, or what?

I had a '99 WR400, own a YZ426 (trying to sell) and have a WR450 on order. I change the oil every hard ride or every other ride if I take it easy. I have always been a little concerned about all of the shavings in the oil filter when I change it. The smaller oil capacity of the WR450 is my only concern about the bike. But I still can't wait for it!

I've also had a 400 and a 426 and we usually ride Baja twice a year with chase trucks. Because I share your concern, I take fresh oil, something to clean the filter with and empty anti-freeze jugs for the waste.

It will be fine just watch the oil on ANY new bike. WR 450 anyday now

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