98 WR400 swing arm swap to newer WR450

I have a 98 WR400, and would like to if possible swap my swing arm to a newer model so that my rear axle size will be the same as the newer bikes and give me more option for rear wheels (possible super moto). So my question is what year swing arms can I swap for? And is it a straight swap?

Please some help here

I'm not sure what all you'll need to do but I'm sure you could put on any year wr swingarm or even the new yz one . I'm going to do a complete tear down on my 07 wr450 come real cold weather so like lat november early december . I can check all the sizes on my stuff then.

Bolt diameters are same. But the lever ratio of rinkage is different. Swap??? Yes, maybe you will be able to put it on but it won't work well.

It won't be direct swap, at some point (around 2000 I think) Yamaha also changed the swingarm pivot diameter, ie. the bolt which also acts as a rear engine mount. You may be able to get different bearings for the 450 swingarm to make it fit but if not, changing the bolt diameter would mean altering the rear engine mount as well.

so probably not really worth it then.

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